Vote 4: Final Vote (June 1-10) came down to Legion, Monarchs and Hounds.  In a close race, Hounds beat out Legion by 21 votes.

During an early discussion on the team’s facebook page, the Plott Hound was suggested as a possible name because it is the state dog of NC.  It was among 251 other unique name suggestions offered by fans during the campaign.  “I really encouraged the fans and community to look at the big picture…brand, identity, game day experience.  It’s definitely unique. I think its popularity derives from a combination of the Plott Hound’s uniqueness to the Carolinas and its distinguishing characteristics – both of which are perfect fit for the sport here in Charlotte,” said Wade Leaphart, Director of Sales & Marketing.

By definition, the Plott Hound breed is active and they are vicious fighters on game. They are quick to learn, athletic, muscular and agile in appearance.  Their appearance suggests the capacity for speed, stamina and endurance.

The royal blue used in the logo is representative of the City of Charlotte’s flag and can be tied to the City’s Scottish heritage, which was a topic of discussion during the campaign.  The tan and grey personify the Plott Hound.

Charlotte Lacrosse, LLC is only the 4th professional sports team to allow the fans to drive naming of the team.  “We went into the process really wanting to engage with the community here in Charlotte and, as a bonus, we ended up with what I now think is a great name and logo for our team moving forward.  We certainly didn’t end up anywhere close to where I envisioned back before we opened up to the fans – and I think that is a good thing.  Actually, the logo/name I liked best got voted second-to-last place in the first round of voting and that smarted a little bit.  But that was the whole point – that fans should be involved in naming the team and hopefully feel a vested interest in the team moving forward,” said Team President, Jim McPhilliamy.

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